Benefit from the market leader's expertise.

Everybody's talking about saving the environment. We're doing something about it. Our company, which was established in 1966, has for many years specialized in the development of environmental solutions, chiefly in the field of automotive technology. Today, our main line of business is the development and production of systems for monitoring and controlling the after treatment of engine exhaust gases.

We offer hardware and software from a single source. The hardware records the data and enables DPF monitoring. The software helps you to process the data
obtained and can be adapted to your needs.

Identification of the best available technologies and digitization go hand in hand for CPK Automotive. Because the future is digital - also in our company.
We combine intelligent technologies with our knowledge in exhaust after-treatment. This is how we strengthen our position as market leader.

Our best-known product is the DYNTEST-system, which is in demand all over the world. It can be fitted to trucks, buses, construction vehicles and agricultural vehicles of all makes. It is easy to install, robust, and attractively priced.
Our business strategy has been to concentrate on developing devices that can be retrofitted to large diesel engines. We supply tried and tested systems for large commercial and industrial vehicles, and we also develop and optimize products and procedures for our sales partners. Where appropriate, our equipment and services are accompanied by marketing concepts. All our products are supplied complete with support packages.

Worldwide, our DYNTEST-systems are marketed and/or retailed by selected licensing partners, importers and specialist dealers

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