Mission 1 vom VDMACPK Automotive supports the campaign #EMission0 of the VDMA.

ON THE WAY TO 2050 with our innovative products and as active member of VDMA.
Mission 1: Climate protection needs an open-minded approach to technology. Life-cycle analyses make it possible to evaluate technologies objectively and to assess greenhouse gas emissions holistically.




sewage treatment plant in MindenTogether with the city of Minden, the Minden sewage treatment plant was equipped with the NOx logger from CPK Automotive.
The NOx values are now monitored and stored according to the 44th BImSchV.


2020 04 08 07 56 45 ATZheavyduty ww 1 2020 ATZheavyduty ww emagazine Another great project was successfully completed with our customer Patrick Grütter from G-Technology.

A CAT 328 D was retrofitted with CPK´s SCR Components.
The excavator is now ready for use in Stuttgart. 


2020 04 08 07 56 45 ATZheavyduty ww 1 2020 ATZheavyduty ww emagazine

Following the signing of a feasibility study in December 2019, the experts at CPK Automotive and AB Elektronik have written a technical article offering an insight into the novel technology for NOx sensors.  The sensor concept fulfills the future requirements for monitoring of NOx concentrations in emissions as well as in the injection region.

The latest Version V8.5.9 is now available! 

After updating the operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 10 please reinstall the terminal software with Admin!



Dirk Bleicker

Driving bans in big cities, particulate matter, nitrogen oxides and CO2 pollution – the automobile manufacturers and their suppliers are currently struggling with many accusations and for their good reputation. The following question is at the centre of all discussions: How can emissions be reduced?

An important aspect here are the sensors in automobiles, especially the sensors for exhaust gas purification, NOx and CO2 reduction.

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Plakat Bhf Hiltrup1k 

CPK is for a strong borderless Europe.

Therefore we are happy to support the campaign of the BVMW and Ströer Media for the European election 2019


Last week CPK´s development engineer Bernd Kühling supported our customer MS Technik with another installation on a mining machine. 





Frank Noack FotoLast week (13th March), the VERT Executive Board was newly elected. Frank Noack (CEO of CPK) is a new member of the board. Frank Noack covers the topic of monitoring in the best possible way. Also in the future VERT would like to support only the best available technologies. Frank Noack is looking forwared to a fruitful cooperation.

Roll UP CPK IdleControlIn 2019 CPK announced the automatic engine stop IdleControl at the VDBUM award.

IdleControl - automatic idle stop

Just a quick chat with the colleague, get a coffee!

Who doesn't know that? It's a pity if the environment and your wallet are burdened during this time.

IdleControl from CPK Automotive provides a remedy on the construction site. Engines that are not to run idle for a longer period of time are automatically switched off. Fuel waste and the emission of harmful exhaust gases are significantly reduced. Maintenance intervals are shortened.

And best of all, you don't have to do anything after successful installation. Suitable for diesel and gas engines!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested!

   The latest Version V8.5.04 is now available!


RegFire Installed2In May CPK Automotive´s sales team spent two great weeks with our partners in Australia.

Main focus was to support them at their diesel emission reduction efforts in the mining business and to introduce RemCo II.





ETH2018 logoFrom June 18th - 21st, 2018 the conference took place at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. The focus Event was Emissions of in-use vehicles: Quality and control.
As an expert in exhaust gas aftertreatment and monitoring CPK presented its new RemCo II Module. Like in the past CPK Automotive participated with a booth.

Concrete Truck

In may CPKs sales Team was in sunny California to support installation of two RemCo II test systems. CPKs customer highly appreciated this very personnel support onsite.

Test vehicles are a concrete mixer and a freightleiner which are already equipped with exhaust gas aftertreatment device (DPFs) and DYNTEST monitoring system.


Logo cramif

Since the beginning of 2018, CPK has been providing advice to the Institute Cramif on the implementation of diesel particle filter retrofitting on heavy duty vehicles in the Paris area.

Since 01.09.2015, the first environmental zone ZCR (Zones à Circulation Restreinte) has been introduced in Paris. This initially prohibited only buses and trucks the entrance, which were approved before 01.10.2001.


Teststand Bern CPK CL

From 21 to 24 March 2018, the construction machinery fair took place in Bern. The Construction Machinery Trade Fair is the largest and most important trade fair for construction machinery, formwork construction and accessories in Switzerland. On the BERNEXPO grounds, centrally located in the heart of the capital, leading manufacturers and importers presented all the latest developments in the construction machinery sector, innovations and trailblazing trends.

Together with our customer clean-life, CPK has presented the new RemCo II module. Clean-life asked CPK for active support. We were happy to follow the request.

Do you want support at fairs? Talk to us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AQM Iran 2018From 23rd till 24th, January 2018, the 6th National Conference on Air and Noise Pollution Management took place in Tehran. More than 400 visitors attended the event.

In addition to many employees and high-ranking government employees, renowned scientists from Iran and abroad were also represented.

Timurs 2nd Trip to ChinaOn CPK`s Blog you can follow our Sales Engineer Timur Aslantas on his business trip to China in 2017. Timur will report about his experinces in China on a daily basis.

Read more about Timur and his trip on his blog: https://cpkautomotive.blog/

IdleControl perspektiveFrequent maintenance intervals for vehicles and machines are associated with high cost for fleet operators. Therefore owners are constantly looking for saving potentials. A trigger for shortened maintenance intervals are long idle times of engines. In order to reduce useless idling the automatic engine shutdown DYNTEST IdleControl is ideally suited.



Integer Emission Conference in ChinaCelebrating it’s 10th year, Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue® Forum China 2017 will return to Beijing on 16 – 18 May. This firmly established, leading emissions control conference will address the challenges and opportunities that the implementation of China VI is likely to present, and examine cost-effective, compliant emissions reduction strategies.

Frank Noack FotoFrom 1st April 2015 on Mr. Frank Noack is CEO of CPK Automotive. Mr. Noack is responsible for the research & development department and will continue the business of the CPK Automotive GmbH & Co. KG in proven manner. Mr. Noack is a mechanical engineer with a wide experience. During the past 14 years he worked in the development of exhaust gas aftertreatment systems in leading function.

 By this date Mr. Claas Löffler will retire as CEO for personal reasons. We thank Mr. Löffler at this point for a successful cooperation.

Mr. Martin Kovac takes over the sales department. Mr. Kovac has graduate in business management and disposes more than 20 years sales and business development experience in the area of renewable energy and engine & drive technology nationally and abroad. In all sales issues Mr. Kovac will help you with pleasure.

Bus IranSince February 2014 a project to reduce emissions from heavy duty vehicles has started with the support of CPK Automotive in Iran (Teheran). Working closely with the local authorities and universities the test vehicle was carefully identified. In Teheran the first test bus was equipped with diesel particulate filter and electronic control unit (incl. GSM/GPRS Module) from CPK. The bus is operating in Tehran (South-North direction). CPK Automotives ControlBox (ECU) collects data from the diesel particulate filter. Based on the collected data a decision will be made if diesel particulate filter will be equipped on busses nationwide. Additional test vehicles will follow soon.

Bus Iran Temperature Pressure