The CPK Automotive SCR Control Unit DC12 injects the urea solution into the mixing section as required using the metering components (supply unit and injection nozzle).

The SCR Control metering system is a component of an SCR system and cannot function on its own. It fulfils the following tasks:

  • Conveying the dosed urea water solution from the dosing unit via the high-pressure line to the dosing unit, which is installed in the exhaust pipe (mixing section).
  • Suction of the urea water solution from the supply tank or day tank
  • Precise dosing of the required amount
  • Monitoring of exhaust gas temperature via PT200 sensors before and after CAT
  • Monitoring MAP/MAT sensor (Manifold Absolute Pressure / Temperature) for calculation of intake air mass flow
  • Monitoring of nitrogen oxides by means of NOx sensor before and after CAT

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