ControlBox V4 Data LoggerThe DYNTEST ControlBox is a control unit (data logger) which was specially developed for the requirements of exhaust aftertreatment for diesel engines. Vehicle data and data from diesel particulate filter are continuously monitored and logged. It permanently monitors the load condition of the filter for optimal maintenance. In addition, the ControlBox can store a considerable amount of data for professional operation and display of the filter function. The system is permanently monitored for malfunction. If the monitoring system detects back pressure levels which are too high, it first of all provides a visual alarm for the user by means of illuminated display lamps, and then generates a further audible alarm. By installing a RemCo module, the alarm can also be sent via SMS. In addition, it can control active regeneration and alarm systems. Besides this safety aspect, the ControlBox offers extensive possibilities for data evaluation by CPK Terminal software.

OEMLogger The ControlBox OEM is a control unit (data logger), which was developed especially for the extreme requirements of the exhaust aftertreatment for diesel engines. It is gladly used in the mining area. Like the ControlBox, it continuously records vehicle data and data from the diesel particulate filter. The condition of the installed exhaust aftertreatment system is permanently monitored, controlled and logged. Of course, it alerts in case of malfunction. The indication is made to the driver by means of a display or control lamps. The ControlBox OEM was designed for use under the toughest conditions. 

Showcase Logger from CPKThe Showcase System was developed to record vehicle data and data from DPFs like the ControlBox. But it can additionally monitor, control and log two NOx values and CAN Bus data. It was designed for CARB projects. It is the ideally data logger to complie data bases for further evaluation and comparison of different exhaust gas aftertreatment systems. To identify best available technology for different operating conditions.

The Showcase system can be equipped with RemCo Modul to operate indepenently. Gatherd data is transfered via GSM (SMS) and can be analysed from office (everywhere/worldwide). Therfore customers get access to an webportal. The data can be downloaded and analysed with CPK Terminal software.

BahnLogger obenThe BahnLogger is used for trains and freight trains. Vehicle data and data from DPF are monitored, controlled and logged.