The system can be used as on road and off road application. Heavy duty vehicle (HDV) such as commercial
vehicles, busses, generators and ships are the main target group of the DYNTEST system. Especially mining operators appreciate the ControlBox OEM for their robust nature. Vehicle data and data from diesel particulate filters are monitored, controlled and logged.

To prevent damage to the filter, and to the vehicle engine, effective countermeasures must be taken fast. This is precisely what the ControlBox OEM does. It measures, logs and monitors back-pressure, exhaust-gas temperature, engine revs – and 7 other important parameters as well. If the monitored parameter values exceed (or fall below) preset maximum (or minimum) values, an alarm in the form of a flashing light is generated, and then a buzzer sounds.

In addition, the ControlBox OEM can trigger active regeneration and alarm systems.

Besides these safety functions, the ControlBox can also perform a wide variety of data-storage and -evaluation tasks.

Product No: 30103S
Technical Details

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