In many applications with difficult operating conditions the exhaust gas temperatures are not sufficient to run exhaust aftertreatment systems like Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) or Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) effectively. A simple burner is often capable to increase the exhaust temperature and make the aftertreatment systems work in the effective temperature range. DYNTEST RegFire® has been developed for these applications. The retrofit diesel burner is designed for the regeneration of DPF under idling conditions. Also SCR systems can be kept at temperature during idle mode. The thermal power of the RegFire® module is about 15 kW. It is suitable for engines up to approximately 100 kW.

RegFire`s® closed loop control provides the right heating power depending on the temperature sensor located upstream the exhaust aftertreatment system (EAS). The compact straight dual wall design avoids heat losses and requires minimum installation space. RegFire® is easy to use: Whenever it fits in the working process, the user puts the engine into idle mode and starts RegFire® manually — for example, once a day, every eight hours, at the end of a working shift — or simply when the DYNTEST system requests to do so. After an applicable time — depending on the dimension of the EAS — the system stops automatically. It is suitable for all low temperature applications. The module is compatible with the established DYNTEST product portfolio.

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RegFire idle burner



RegFire idle burner


RegFire idle burner

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Configurator for customized settings








The preset RegFire® parameters guarantee durability, stability and a safe operation. During vehicle testing the system was operated for more than 500 regeneration cycles which correspond to more than 4000 operating hours.


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