SCR system from CPKCANVision Panel

With the increasing use of SCR - systems for the denitrification (de-NOxing) of diesel and gas engines - cost-effective and reliable metering systems are required to meter the urea-water solution (AdBlue) into the exhaust gas flow.

CPK Automotive is proud to present you a cost effective and compact system!  The system, developed by CPK, uses well-known and proven components from Heinzmann (Control Unit DC12) and Cummins Emission Solutions (Supply Unit and Dosing Module of the UL2 series).      

How does it work?

Based on the measured NOx concentration in the exhaust gas and the exhaust gas mass flow, the Control Unit determines the necessary amount of urea AdBlue, which is then injected into the exhaust gas flow upstream of the SCR catalytic converter via the Supply Unit and the PWM controlled Dosing Module.   

In addition to the NOx sensors upstream and downstream of the SCR catalytic converter, the temperature sensors ensure that the SCR catalytic converters are operated in the temperature windows provided for this purpose in order to ensure maximum NOx reduction with minimum ammonia slip.


SCR Control Unit

What else?

In addition to controlling the correct metering of the AdBlue quantities, numerous other intelligent functions are integrated in the Heinzmann DC12 Control Unit, which can be expanded to meet customer requirements. These include functions such as AdBlue tank level monitoring, which can be combined with the NOx reduction rates for extended monitoring of the entire system.

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SCR System Overview