Startseite Kasten eng rgbAs a supplier of emission control systems for monitoring and controlling the after treatment of engine exhaust gases, CPK Automotive has developed and markets the tried and tested DYNTEST Bus System. This emission control system enables the electronic control and monitoring of components such as diesel particulate filters (DPF).

The ControlBox (Data logger) is the central means of control in the reliable emission control system and can operate with just about any make or type of engine and exhaust system installed in the vehicle. It also allows you 

to use any type of fuel additive. It monitors, measures, logs and controls the DPF (e.g. temperature, backpressure). The data logger triggers an alarm if it detects error messages, and stores the collected data. Besides this, the data logger guarantees monitoring of the DPF regeneration and gives an impression about the current status of the DPF.


Datenlogger and Monitoring Systems for On-Road and Off-Road Application


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ControlBox records information that will help you make the correct long-term decisions about how you use your vehicles. It has a memory that can log back-pressure and temperature data for up to around 900 days. What’s more, the engine data are collected all round the clock! With the DYNTEST Analyser, the information logged can be safely transferred to a computer for analysis. These same data can also be used to program the Control-Box. The Analyser comprises a signal converter (with a USB connector) and system software. All the data gathered are backed up in two separate files in the »access« file format, so that they cannot be manipulated. In addition, the logged data are protected by a password and by automatically generated file names.